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Complex Condominium Services is a property management company that prides itself on the effective and efficient administration expertise offered to each individual client. We specialise in the management of common areas for blocks of apartments and offer our clients tailor made agreements to suit their individual needs. Our main aim is to go the extra mile to provide each service in the most cost effective manner possible without compromising on quality.

Through our total commitment, dedication and unsurpassed professionalism we constantly strive to provide our clients with the best market rates for cleaning and general maintenance and do our very best at all times to ensure the smooth running of the common parts.

Where to find more

In this website you will find introductory information about our services together with other information of general interest to property owners. Should you require further details please feel free to contact us.


Our goal at Complex Condominium Services is to establish ourselves and remain amongst the front runners in our field, offering unequivocal quality of service to each client and to maintain excellence, effectiveness and efficiency in all we do, always keeping our client’s satisfaction and their full confidence in us as our topmost priority.

We aim to do this by keeping in close contact with our clients on a regular basis, listening to and understanding their needs, sourcing the best solutions to satisfy their demands at the most competitive prices and providing ongoing support that is second to none.

This is achieved through our team of professionals, readily available resources and above all, our commitment to deliver.